Who Needs Funding Solutions?

If you’re a business, then you run on money. If unpaid accounts receivable (AR) result in a reduction of cash-flow, your business can quickly fall behind. Alternative funding solutions help get your business back on track, fast!

We work within several industries and have found that everyone wants the same thing out of their finances; progression.

Some of the ways that funding solutions benefit could benefit your business include:

  • Helping your business meet payroll on time
  • Aid with purchasing new equipment
  • Enhancing your advertising and marketing campaign
  • Granting the ability to hire new employees
  • The ability to bring on new, lucrative projects

Invoice Factoring

Don’t wait 30 to 90 days for customers to pay their invoices. Our invoice factoring services help you turn your unpaid AR into cash. Invoice factoring is the process of selling your AR to us for working capital.

After we approve your invoices, we guarantee funding of up to 90 percent of your invoices, minus our minimal fee.

With us, you no longer waste your time calling customers to collect payment. The experts assigned to your invoices work for you to ensure the invoices we buy get paid.

All our clients have to do is use the injected cash-flow from the factoring process to improve your business.

Goodman Capital Finance is trusted throughout several industries for invoice factoring because we make the process so simple.

Our invoice factoring practices involve:

  • Zero hidden fees
  • 24-hour invoice approval
  • Free credit evaluations for your customers
  • No digging through your business’ credit history

Asset-Based Lending

Where factoring is based solely on your AR, Asset-based lending is a revolving line of credit against AR as well as inventory. There is no loan or debt, just working capital against your existing assets.

Our team helps your business obtain working capital financing through your:

  • Inventory
  • AR
  • Equipment

The best part about asset-based financing is that your credit is directly tied to the value of the assets you put up for collateral. This means that over time, your assets can improve and your revolving credit line can continue to grow with ever-larger maximum advanced rates.

Unlike other types of financing that can take months for approval, there is no hold up with asset-based financing. Asset-based lending is fast and guarantees funding within 30 days upon acceptance of your application.

Experience True Financial Freedom with Goodman Capital Finance

With Goodman Capital Finance on your side, the possibilities are endless. Our financial experts will help your business thrive through our invoice factoring and asset-based lending solutions. We’re ready to see you succeed! Contact us today to start your path to financial freedom.