Immediate Cash for Your Business

A standard bank loan can take months to get approved, and many new business owners don’t have the creditworthiness to get the funds their business needs for success. Invoice factoring allows businesses in several industries to turn unpaid invoices into cash within a 24-hour approval process.

With invoice factoring loans, there are no credit checks and no debts to pay back. Business owners can sell their unpaid invoices to us, and in return for our fee, will receive the cash they need, quickly.

A Solution With the Opportunity for Growth

An invoice factoring company like Goodman Capital Finance is an excellent short-term funding opportunity, as well as one that can increase on your terms. With our financial experts on your side, you can use your invoices as collateral and make that next big business move, hire that new employee, or begin work on your latest big project.

Why Choose Goodman Capital Finance For Factoring Invoices?

Our services give you the freedom to select the invoices you sell us and guarantee funding of up to 90 percent of the invoice amount. We are a financial institution that truly has your best interest in mind. Our factoring process requires no application cost and has zero hidden fees. With Goodman Capital Finance factoring services, your business can rise in its industry without the risk of digging yourself into a financial hole.

Businesses trust Goodman Capital Finance because we hold ourselves to the highest standard. When you factor with us you can expect:

  • 24-Hour approval process
  • Dedicated account executives
  • Access to our elite management team
  • An online portal for your account
  • Free credit evaluation on your customers
  • Invoice reviews to ensure timely payments, and more!

Trust Goodman Capital Finance to Turn Unpaid Invoices into Cash

We are proud to be a partner with companies in industries that range from apparel and consumer goods to oil field services. Our invoice factoring services have helped several businesses redeem the cash they are owed! Don’t let unpaid invoices pile up! Contact us today to find out how our programs can work for your company’s unique situation.