Every business needs consistent cash flow to stay competitive within their industry.

We provide our services to a variety of industries that include:

Flexible Funding Across Several Industries

No matter the industry you serve, when it comes to meeting cash flow demands, not every business will be able to take out loans or obtain lines of credit. Fortunately, asset-based lending is a funding opportunity that is a flexible form of credit.

Your line is directly tied to the value of the assets you put up as collateral and can increase as your business grows. Don’t take on further debt for growth! Let our financial experts help you thrive with what you already have!

Improve the Liquidity of Your Growing Business

If your business is quickly growing, then a surplus of cash is something it needs. Asset-based financing improves your business’s liquidity and can give your institution stability and reliable cash flow that can help garner further growth.

Get Fast Funding at Maximum Advance Rates

A typical bank loan can take months for approval and final funding. With abl loans, you don’t have to worry about banking products like treasury management and deposits to hold up your funding.

With Goodman Capital Finance the process moves quickly and your funding is in hand within 30 days. Not only that, but we can guarantee the maximum advance rates for your assets.

Typically, we can get a 90% advance rate on accounts receivable, and up to 60% on your inventory. Every industry and business is unique, and that’s why we ensure that our term loans are based on the individual transaction at hand.

Advantages With Goodman Capital Finance

Asset-based lending with Goodman Capital Finance provides businesses several advantages. Aside from flexibility and no financial covenants, our clients also experience:

  • Expert support
  • Higher advance rates
  • Maximized borrowing capacity
  • Customized financial partnership
  • Individualized term loans, and more!

Goodman Capital Finance Helps Your Business Grow With Asset-Based Financing/ ABL Loans

Our team is focused on your company’s success. We are ready to structure an individual funding solution that allows you to maximize your borrowing capacity. Let us help you focus on your growth opportunities as your financial partner in this simple process. Contact us today to find out more about our asset-based lending opportunities and how they can work for your company’s goals.